Malworkshops mit Clara Morgenthau
Malworkshops von Clara Morgenthau
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Warm  Welcome 

 to my Soul-Painting-Workshops.


Outside it is a workshop and inside it is joy, from the heart

to share with you everything that I am aware of and everything I know...

Painting from Soul to Soul...

It is a wonderful moment when the contact to your Soul


 is very clear and intuitive pictures emerge.

Warm  Willkommen 

 to my Soul-Painting-Workshops.

Outside it is a workshop and inside it is joy, from the heart to share with you everything that I am aware of and everything I know...

Painting from Soul to Soul... 

It is a wonderful moment when the contact to your Soul is very clear and intuitive pictures emerge.

Whether it will be your meditative recreation time and you will delight yourself with it and your beloved ones all around you or if you feel it more intensively after a short time, that it is your vocation and you want to carry it out into the world. Just as I felt that it is my vocation.

I would be so grateful and happy to accompany you. I give you all my knowledge, everything I have learned without keeping anything back from you...

Verschiedene Malworkshops - Intuitives Malen mit Clara Morgenthau
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Come to my atelier for a tryout - for a whole weekend

Here you can easily get to know my Soul-Painting-Workshops without a course fee.         I invite you warmly to one of the taster weekends. Please understand that I charge a small allowance for food.

Sign up for my 
Newsletter and you will receive the invitation for a trail weekend... I am looking forward to seeing you...


During the taster weekends, you will notice whether the Soul-Painting-Workshops are something for you... whether they inspire you, give you ideas, give you inner joy, accompany you closer to your soul and bring your own creativity to the surface and to blossom... then you should come again... then come to a weekend workshop and to the 7-day workshop in which I give you all of my knowledge... 

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A Soul Painting Weekend -
experience your creativity
2 Tage Soul Paiting - Malworkshops von Clara Morgenthau

At the Soul Painting Weekend you can feel your own creativity and feel how it inspires you in a simple and playful WAY.


In this workshop, we will experiment with nature and floral motifs, playfully learn about mixed media techniques and gain some insights into the world of colors and maybe even feel them. I`ll show you some exercises to help you develop your own creativity and intuition...

2 day of Soul Painting are perfect if you want to get a glimpse of how diverse the world of mixed media is and how to gain access to your intuition to experience your own potential and you don`t want to come for the 7 days Soul Painting workshop...

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A 7-day workshop -
experience abundance of creativity and intuition

With 7-day Soul Painting, you can gain a great deal of insight into many mixed media techniques and how to gain access to your intuition and how to stay "alive" and "open".

In this workshop you will get to know the magic of the mistakes, try out unusual things, paint with colors that "do not work". We will make trips to nature and draw from them, learn and worship them. With light yoga exercises and some meditation techniques, we refine our senses and access to our soul.

7 Tage Soul Paiting - Malworkshops von Clara Morgenthau

7 days Soul Painting as a painting trip is the best choice for you, if you already feel that creativity is inseparably interwoven with you and your inmost knows that you will remember these 7 days unforgettable and unique.

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Evening classes
experience creativity in your environment and your everyday life
Soul-Painting Abendkurse - Malworkshops mit Clara Morgenthau

In the evening classes you can live your own creativity with your everyday life. You can feel how living creativity inspires your life and how it takes a natural place in your life. 


In these evening classes we will devote ourselves over the year to many topics in the mixed media area: ART-journaling, backgrounding, hand-lettering, scrapbooking, monoprint, making art cards as gifts for the loved ones... and you will learn exercises to promote your own creativity and intuition... and use them in your everyday life. 

Evening classes are the best choice for you if you live here in the Erzgebirge and you would like to get to know Soul Painting, if you feel that experienced and applied creativity makes your life fuller and more vibrant and if you love to treat yourself to something which feels good.

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Mit der Seel malen - Malworkshops mit Clara Morgenthau

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